John Torjo - C++ Expert


Since beginning of 1998, I have worked on a lot of projects. I have posted here only a few of them - give me a buzz if you want the full story...

Note that I have done a lot of work off-site, and I became an expert at dealing with people/customers that are away. My focus is on getting the job done, at the right level of interaction with you - as much as you desire, that is.

I am one that just can't get enough - in between projects, I do write libraries and articles. Check it out !

C++ expert, at Macadamian Romania

  • Responsible of hiring and training new developers
  • I have lead a team of 3, developing a softphone. I have enriched the customer's application by allowing it to make calls over the internet.
  • Leveraged use of several open-source and commercial VoIP stacks
  • Created plug-in for a Messenger application. The customer already has a large user-base, using its own proprietary IM protocol. However, on user-demand, I extended their application, and implemented the MSN protocol. Now, the users that have an MSN account can also talk to their MSN friends from within this application.
    • The plug-in implements MSNP8-MSNP11 protocols, and works over any connection (direct-connection, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, etc)
  • Worked on a PC-lint-like application, that helps you discover semantic errors in your programs. Created a VC7/VC 7.1 Add-In that communicates with the main application, allowing users to communicate with the application directly from the VC7 IDE, taking advantage of the enhanced Add-In API provided by the latest VStudio. This increased usability and improved user satisfaction. Since they had a large user-base, I've also modified it to work for the older VC6 as well.

C++ expert, at Code Factory, Germany

  • Dealt with a 2 million+ lines of code accounting application
  • Allowed automatic conversion from older German Mark into Euro - converting older transactions into euros
  • Implemented conversions from huge catalog files into the application's DB internal format. This allows companies to easily search and order for products - automating the process, cutting down time by 75%.

C++ expert, at DMS, Romania

  • Implemented application to enhance images coming from DVC-PRO cameras
  • In addition to improving images (de-interlacing), and smart resizing (using proven algorithms, such as Lanczosz, B-spline, Bilinear, etc.), we provided the possibility to apply other color improvements such as AdjustRGB, Adjust Hue/Luminosity/Saturation and other effects such as Enhance Edges, etc. As an extra feature, I provided the ability to zoom and crop an enhanced image.
  • Implemented an application to capture motion coming from a camera connected to the PC, through USB or Firewire. As motion is captured, it is recorded to disk, can be played back, and as an additional feature, you can watch the recording "motion-only" (from each frame, we show only motion)

C++ expert, at Undisclosed Asian client

  • Took over a set of applications that deal with Forex market
  • Implemented Server application that gives up-to-second Forex ticks. The server allows real-time Forex trading. I have also implemented high server security: each request that is sent to the server is first authenticated (is the user allowed to make this request?). Optimized application for multi-processor machines.
  • Implemented other server applications that deal with importing/exporting of MetaStocks, thus allowing inter-operation with other similar programs existing on the market
  • Optimized client applications. Re-implemented Forex charts, and added over 50 indicators. Added Forex Drawing capabilities (such as, Fibonacci Retracements), making Charts compete with those found in the popular Omega software

C++ expert, at AGS Romania

  • Ported Movie Player application from Win32 to the Symbian OS (for Nokia phones)
  • Used generic programming to avoid error-prone Symbian' two-phase construction, thus reducing development time by 40%

C++ expert, at iQuest Romania

  • Ported Satellite receiver application from Win32 to Windows CE for Pocket PC

C++ expert, at Trade2B Unicarte Romania

  • At Unicarte, I was involved in the development of the Trade2B site - a site that allows reversed auctions. Leading a team of two, I designed and developed the Trade2BSearcher - a search engine for sites that do e-commerce, and the Trade2BRobot - a robot that crawls the web for on-line transaction sites.

Senior engineer, at Qual Design Romania

  • Implemented a JSP application dealing with German fishing resorts
  • I worked on the back-end, importing data from German catalogs into our DB - since there were lots of catalogs, each with their own syntax, I designed an application which would load a catalog, and a script. Based on the script, it would know what data is needed, how to process it, and where to place it in our DB. This cut development time by 25%, thus meeting the customer's deadline.

Senior C++ engineer, at People First Software Romania

  • Leading a team of three, implemented the "LogFramework for C++", a collection of classes meant to ease logging in C++
  • These classes have been used in all subsequent projects of People First, and have cut development time by 10-15%