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Yes, I love writing articles. They make you analyze your ideas with an extra critical eye, and then show the world your coolest concepts, implemented!

I've written in several magazines: DrDobbs, C++ Users Journal, and

The mobile office - ready to be mobile? Are you a programmer? See how you can enjoy even more freedom!

Author of the revolutionary SMART_ASSERT library, successfully used for many projects; enhances assertions and helps catch bugs early

Co-author of RTL (Range Templated Library)
RTL is designed to be used together with STL algorithms, making the code much more compact and easier to understand. A range abstracts walking over an STL sequence, from a begin, up to an end. RTL ranges can be composed, such as transforming and then filtering of an existing STL container.

Author of Straightforward Settings library
Allows persisting of application-related settings, featured in DrDobbs .
Manipulating settings is very easy and straightforward. The code that uses the settings is isolated from where the settings are actually stored. Thus, in case you need to change the storage (for example, change it from a file to the registry), you will only need to change one or two lines of code.
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Author of the Win32GUI library, featured column in C++ Users Journal (
Makes GUI programming easy in C++: GUI RAII, no message maps, easy event processing, loose coupling, fast compilation times, no main loop, and much more
Portable library: works for MSVC, gcc, Comeau

Format C++ objects as you write them - in case you want custom formatting of your complex objects - strftime-like, come read - it's easy!

Implementing design by contract in C++ - just a few tips to get you started...

Simplify your coding with user-friendly enumerations - a tip on making things easier and more readable, when you deal with enums.

I've written a few more articles on - here they are.