boost::logging::formatter::idx_t< convert > Struct Template Reference

prefixes each message with an index. More...

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template<class convert = do_convert_format::prepend>
struct boost::logging::formatter::idx_t< convert >

prefixes each message with an index.


L_ << "my message";
L_ << "my 2nd message";

This will output something similar to:

[1] my message
[2] my 2nd message

convert [optional] In case there needs to be a conversion between std::(w)string and the string that holds your logged message. See convert_format. For instance, you might use a cached_string class (see optimize namespace).

custom_fmt_dest.cpp, ded_loger_one_filter.cpp, mul_loggers_one_filter.cpp, no_levels_with_route.cpp, ts_loger_one_filter.cpp, use_profiler.cpp, use_tss_ostringstream.cpp, using_tags.cpp, and your_scenario.cpp.

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