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Easy LogView - viewing/filtering logs is just too easy!

Easy LogView

Logging is part of our life. Every non-toy program has some sort of logging, so that if something goes wrong, you'll at least have some idea why.

But soon you discover that too much information is cluttered in your log, and you need to dig deep in order to find what you're interested in. This is where Easy LogView comes in. It helps you filter the information, showing you only what you need.

Wait, there's more! Easy LogView monitors log files real-time (while applications are writing to them). As soon as some application has written some information on the log you're monitoring, if it matches your filter, you'll see it.

While you're monitoring, you can easily change/add/copy/delete filters on-they-fly. Once you've changed a filter, your view updates instantly.

At any given time you can have multiple filters, depending on the information you're monitoring. For example, imagine that you're developing a server application dealing with a database. You can monitor the usual activity +debug messages (one filter), logged on users (another filter), commands received from clients + answers sent back to them (another filter), database sql commands (another filter), debug + error messages (another filter), and who knows what else, sky's the limit!

  • user-friendly
  • intergrated with Windows Explorer
  • monitors logs real-time, as applications are writing to them
  • as many filters as you need
  • as many log files as you need
  • manipulating filters/ log files is very simple and straightforward
  • you can drag-and-drop log files onto Easy LogView
  • handles large log files (> 100Mb)
  • very fast
  • cool additional filtering (First X messages, Last X messages, surrounding X messages, etc.)
  • one click to turn the filter on/off
  • search within your filter
  • goto ID or date
  • remembers last settings
  • very easy to send feedback (Help/Send Feedback)

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