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Log Break
even logs need a break now and then...


(page in construction, please come back soon!)

Log Break is a simple-to-use program that allows you do break into Debug mode, in case a message written to your log matches a certain criteria.

When bugs appear (and you need to solve them ;)), you want to somehow reproduce the behavior in which the bug appeared. So, you'll do either of the following:

  1. set breakpoints into the debugger, and step-by-step until you realize where the problem is
  2. do logging, and get a bigger picture of what happened
  3. do both of the above

For the latter two options, Log Break is here to help! What you want is to break into Debug mode, exactly before the bug appears.

You'll soon realize that for non-trivial situations it's very hard to set the right breakpoint. It's easier to do logging - and when the right message gets written to the log, break into debug mode then. For instance, if you want to break into debug mode when a certain array contains the values "me", "you" and "others" - as far as I know, there are no debuggers that allow for this. With Log Break, just set a breakpoint matching "*me*you*others*", and that's all!

(also: note that breakpoints can be persistent)

To be continued...

Dowload logbreak-alpha.exe.

(also, source code will soon be made available - contact me directly for more details )