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Hello everyone,

My name is John Torjo, and I'm a C++aholic. Yesterday, I did 1K+ lines of code, and there were no bugs... And of course, I used templates...
Hey doc, is there a cure for me?

Yes, I love C++, writing libraries, writing articles, and doing code. What more can you ask for? Do you have something that's really advanced and complex? Call me - but only if it's challenging...

Do you want to make sure I'm the best? Go ahead, browse my site, check out my Work, a few of my Articles, my Portfolio, and now, what's left? Oh yeah, Contact Me !


Logging - my favorite game

Yes, anything that has to do with logging, formatting, settings  - that's my game. I've developed Boost Log v2 with efficiency and flexibility in mind. You can fine tune it in a lot of ways.

If you want to make sure you get logging done your way, within your specific requirements (time, log syntax, etc) just contact me.I'll take care of the rest...



2 June 2008 - eGUI++, a library to ease GUI tasks a lot, is finally here. Read all about it!

13 Mar 2008 - Directories, a flawed concept... - I explain here why directories (folders), as we know them today, are flawed. I also give an alternative.

22 Feb 2008 - Essey on keyboard shortcuts - shortcuts should help the users, not hinder their actions... 

21 Jan 2008 - Major release of Boost Log v2. Allows profiling itself, refactored code, added documentation

3 Dec 2007 - Yes, it's finally here! Home delivery, at night - in Cluj Napoca. That's what Night Buyers does. More details here.

30 Oct 2007 - v0.9.3 major Boost Log v2 update: updated documentation, added scenarios, added a more complex sample : Count Lines Of Code. Compiles with gcc 3.4.2, VC80.

11 Oct 2007 - Created the  C++ tips page

3 Oct 2007 - With great pleasure, I announce you that I'm working on version 2 of Boost Logging Lib. Check it out!

25 Sept 2007 : Straightforward settings, appeared on DrDobbs.

21 Sept 2007 : I'm getting in touch with my virtual self - see my blog.

18 Sept 2007 : Here's my latest article - The mobile office - ready to be mobile?
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